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Table 2 copegus dosing recommendations for pediatric patients.

The partnership also will initially focus on seven medications dispensed through cvs caremark s specialty pharmacy business, including pegasys and copegus, for the treatment of hepatitis c, as well as oncological drugs gleevec, tasigna, sprycel, tarceva and tykerb.

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Triglyceride levels are elevated in subjects receiving alfa interferon therapy and were elevated in the majority of subjects participating in clinical studies receiving either pegasys alone or in combination with copegus.

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Rebetol or pegasys copegus, however, achieved higher svr rates compared to similar subjects randomized to pegintron 1 mcg kg rebetol.

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Copegus ribavirin is used together with an interferon such as pegintron or intron a to treat chronic hepatitis c which is a disease of the liver.

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